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      "Sophrony," said Shorty, taking her hand, "this is so sudden. I never thought o' marryin'at least till this cruel war is over. I don't know what kind of a husband I'd make. I don't know whether I could fill the place o' your late husband!" disappointed;

      "Well," said the immovable Si, "I draw the line there. I'll go along with you, and they kin think what they like. But if I say anything to 'em, they'll git it mighty straight."

      The chagrined sentry fired an angry shot, but they were already behind a clump of willows.


      "Sure you haint got no whisky down in the bottom o' that basket?" said Si, pushing the pies about a little, to get a better look.


      The woman noticed and understood. "Yo' Yanks,"199 she said scornfully, "think yourselves moughty smart with all your book-larnin', and yo'uns put on heaps o' airs over po' folks what hain't no eddication; but what you don't know about Tennessee woods would make a bigger book than ever was printed."


      "I don't know 'bout that," said Si, doubtfully. "Seems to me I wouldn't be particularly anxious to see men who'd taken me prisoner and talked very cross about blowin' my blamed head off."50