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      How is she? he demanded, hoarsely. engendered

      You mean that you do not care for me? he asked, almost humbly.

      Not all at once, said Lord Norman, smiling. In fact, he never leaves Belfayre; and Trafford, when he isnt there, has rooms in the Albany and dines at his cluboff the joint.Yes, its all right, he said, cynically. She buys her coronet with a million. Humph! I hope she has made a good bargain!

      I am the guilty one, dear Lady Wyndover, he murmured in his low, clear voice. I obtained possession of your treasure on false pretenses, and have been doing my best to make her forget that I promised to take her to you. I restore her now, with tears, but with the hope that you will not take her from me altogether.Well, I am here, as you say, said Varley, laconically. What do you want with me?

      Great Heaven, she is more lovely than ever! murmured Lord Selvaine, startled, for once, out of his cynical calm.

      Do you think Im ashamed of you? she said, fiercely.Yes, he said, grimly. I think youre right. Ill go aboard. Can you give me a light? Thanks. If any one comes for meeven at the last momentlet me know, anyhow, at any cost.


      They were waiting for her impatiently.Lady Wyndover emitted a kind of moan.



      It matters a great deal to me, he retorted, his face flushing then growing pale. Ive tried to forgetforget Three Star, and I mean to: dont be angry, but hear me out, for she had made as if to interrupt him. Butbut though you wouldnt listen to meand you were quite rightand as you are Traffs wife, I should like you to let me be your friend. Oh, Lord! that sounds tame and feeble! Look here, Esmeralda, what I mean is that I should like to be your special friend, some one you could come to if you were in trouble, some one to fetch and carry for youyou know what I mean. Id go to the end of the world for you, not only because youre Traffs wife, butbut becausehe turned his head away. Esmeralda fancied that there might be tears in his eyesbecause ofof that night by the stream at Three Star.She laid her hand upon his arm and turned her head aside.