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      What they had been taught was, at any rate, English of a sort, bearing within it the seeds of a more complex tongue, and having its roots far back in the pre-space centuries, when missionaries had first begun to visit strange lands. Men had called it pidgin and Beche-le-mer and a hundred different names in a hundred different variations. Here, the masters called it English. The Alberts called it words, and nothing more."I order you to take him out and buck-and-gag him," shouted the Provost-Marshal. subscribe

      "There! There's the rebels, sure enough," they ejaculated, dropping their coffee and meat and rushing for their guns.

      The rumbling came again. Surely, he told himself, this was a new punishment, and it was death."I wasn't in no hurry," answered Si. "That was only regler marchin' gait."

      "I told 'em that the Army o' the Cumberland was the best army, because it had the 200th Injianny in it, and, would you believe me, they said they'd never even heard o' the 200th Injianny?"

      "Well, what's that got to do with your havin' a good breakfast?" said the newcomer plausibly. "You need that right off. Then we kin talk about your regiment. As a matter of fact, you're only enlisted in the Army of the United States and have the right to go to any regiment you please. Tyrannical as the officers may be, they can't take that privilege of an American freeman away from you. Come along and git breakfast first."

      "Maria," thundered Si, "I'll make you pay for this when I git you alone."


      "I'll do nothin' o' the kind," said Maria, decisively. "You look out for your cakes there. They're burnin' while you're gossipin'. That's my brother and his friend, and I hain't got but a short time to be with 'em. I may never see 'em agin, and I want to do all I kin for 'em while they're with me."The Captain dropped his sword, and his men yielded.


      That night he thought it out.


      The mention of real fighting immediately sobered up the boys, and made them forget their squabbles. They hurried about their work with quickened zeal."Oh, come on, now," she said. "The name is Greta. And you're Johnnyright?"

    • "Well, stay here and handle 'em. I'll handle the men that I take, all right. You kin gamble on that. And what I say to them has to go. Won't have nobody along that outranks me.""General
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    • Dr. Espinette refused to say whether this state was permanent or merely temporary. Neither could he be sure whether it was due to his injuries or to the shock[Pg 50] of finding himself blind. Reuben felt practically convinced that his brother was sane during the few moments he had spoken to him alone, but the doctor seemed doubtful.likelihood
    • "No, I"sentiments
    • Then the time came.[777]
    • "And yet Dara is dead," I say. "And others are dead. How do I feel happy when I know this?"recounts
    • Her fingers plucked nervously at the sheet. There seemed to be a strange tickling irritation in her skin, while her feet were dreadfully cold. She wondered rather dully about the babyshe supposed he could not come to any harm over there in the cradle by himself, but really she did not care muchit was all one to her what happened to him.truth
    • "Too bad about your brother," laughed Susie. "How lovin' and attentive all at once. I remember how you used to wig him without mercy at school, and try to make him go off and take me home, instid o' taggin' along after you, when that big-eyed school teacher that sung tenor'd be makin' sheep's eyes at you in school, and wantin' to walk home with you in the evenin'. I remember your slappin' Si for tellin' the folks at home about the teacher and you takin' long walks at noon out to the honeysuckle patch. I've a great mind to go in and tell it all to Si right before that feller. Then your cake'll all be dough. Don't git too uppish with me, young lady. Gi' me that plate and let me take it in."Crozat
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