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      He smiled. offered

      I was startled, said Esmeralda in a low voice.

      Trafford shook his head and moved his hand impatiently.

      "Home, sweet home! For our ravished one you will, I suppose, permit his beloved country to pay--in its new paper money at 'most any discount--and call it square, eh?" Half the bitterness of her tone was in its sweetness.

      "Flippantly!" thought the one left alone on the crowded sidewalk.

      Men raved about her and envied Trafford, and the women copied her dresses, and even her peculiar accent, and envied her. Even her strange backwood phrases became the fashion, and when she made a slip in grammar, her auditors did not sneer, but smiled, as if she had said something clever.

      There had been several warm nights at Three Star; but this, the night of Esmeraldas return, was the very, very warmest that had ever been recorded.Trafford nodded. Have some more whisky, he said.


      No, dont, she said; or, if you do, you must let me pay for them. Im very rich, you know. She laughed easily."We have a few paltry things, of course," she spoke on, "but barely would they pay half. They would neither save our honor, neither leave us anything for rent or bread! Our house, to be sure, is worth more than we have borrowed on it, but in the meantime--"


      "Aye. Poet for each, Good-Children for both."Lady Wyndover said she didnt mind in the least, and she insisted on his putting her in the back seat. Id rather Esmeralda rode in front, she said. If I can see the horses I am always under the impression they are going to bolt; besides, if theres any wind, youll shelter me.