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      275They raced down the sloping woods path. volts

      It appeared that Landor was accused of cowardice, and that his name was handled with the delicate sarcasm usual with Western journalismas fine and pointed as a Stone-age axe.

      There was now at Grant the prospect of a girl, and for days ahead the bachelors had planned about her. She was Landor's ward,it was news to them that he had a ward, for he was not given to confidences,and she was going to visit the wife of his captain, Mrs. Campbell. When they asked questions, Landor said she was eighteen years old, and that her name was Cabot, and that as he had not seen her for ten years he did not know whether she were pretty or not. But the vagueness surrounding her was rather attractive than otherwise, on the whole. It was not even known when she would arrive. There was no railroad to[Pg 14] Arizona. From Kansas she would have to travel by ambulance with the troops which were changing station.

      "You're right, I don't. You're as thick-headed as all the rest of them."


      Gone? That cant be!I think youre right, Dick agreed. But what started you off on that track?


      Imet the estate caretaker in the village. He asked me to run on ahead and tell youand Mr. Whiteside Sandy watched, he could not find a Six-B slotted bolt anywhere!