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      "Because you gave those things up of your free willthey were made to give them up by force. You've no right to starve and deny other people as you have to starve and deny yourself."Oakley, on the other hand, although, perhaps, equally arrogant when invested with this novel and temporary power, was more plausible, and managed to keep up a better understanding among his followers than Tyler. This sort of conciliatory conduct was, in a great measure, forced upon him by the circumstance of Leicester being immediately next him in command, and by the wish he had that no ill feelings against himself might weaken his authority when any favourable opportunity offered of reaping a golden harvest.

      At three o'clock the poll stood at two hundred and twelve and eighty-three. Then came the closeCaptain MacKinnon elected by a majority of sixty-nine.

      In the individual thus opportunely rescued, the reader will probably recognize Black Jack. He had been detected in a conspiracy, from which, had his character been already taintless, there would have been but little chance of escape. But as matters really stood, the slightest shadow of guilt would have been made to assume a form sufficiently tangible to convict him.Reuben looked after her as she went out of the room, then he took a couple of strides and caught her up in the passage.

      He sat down beside her and took her hand.

      "My lord baron," replied Edith, "I have nothing to say that can bring home guilt to the guilty, or do right to the wronged: but I will say, my lord, that what a man is to-day he will be to-morrow, unless he has some end to answer by changing. The esquire will scarcely give the word of courtesy to the most reputable vassal, and yet did he talk secretly and familiarly with John Bylesand here is one who will swear that he heard him repeat the name of my son, and then something about an arrow.""Oh! Father John, to be surenobody else"




      There was a momentary conflict in Calverley's breast as the monk spoke;there was a shade across his brow, and a slight tremor on his lip, but he conquered the emotionlove triumphed, and, in a soft imploring tone, he said"Rose, marry me."