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      They started for Belfayre on Thursday, and when they reached Waterloo, they found Lord Trafford waiting for them. d'augmenter

      Esmeralda looked at him wistfully. She saw that he did not understand, and she would have liked to have explained to him; but for Varleys sake she kept silent.Lord Selvaine, as he watched him covertly, saw the handsome face grow pale, and the hand that held the wine-glass close so tightly that the slender stem snapped in two.

      I will go, he said in a whisper.He succeeded in hiring one, and was preparing to start, when Johnson, who had been regarding him curiously, laid a huge hand upon his shoulder.

      He did not smile at her candor as another man might have done.When they reached the coaching station where the road to Three Star branched off, Johnson pointed to it.

      Youre quite right, he said. Im an idiot to go back to it. I beg your pardon. As you say, what does it matter? You are married now, and to the best fellow in the world. Theres no one like Traffordno oneand you are sure to be happy.

      Esmeralda and Norman heard the cry, and both turned their heads in his direction, but he was completely hidden behind the rocks, and they saw nothing of him.Trafford forced himself to eat and drink, then went back to the bedside.


      Dont you believe it, said Esmeralda, closing her eyes with an obvious affectation of extreme weakness. Im not fit for anything but what Im doing, and I mean to keep so foroh, ever so long. Why, you silly old goose, she continued, opening her eyes and flashing them suddenly upon the wrinkled face with one of her old looks, I could take you up in my arms and carry you down to the stream and back; and I would if I werent so beautifully lazy.


      This day was to see the restoration of his house, the rising of the Belfayre ph?nix, and he was happy.


      "Yet what, love?" (Another panic.)A smile stole over her face; it was like a smile of welcome, and he smiled in response.