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      "I drew it up myself," observed Doctor Remy, "as you see. It was over a year ago, before the legatee became my wife. But I am surprised to hear it read on this occasion; I supposed that it grew out of a momentary whim, and had long ago been nullified by some other instrument." cripple

      That was well done! he said. You would hold your own in the hunting-field, Esmeralda.

      But why not? he asked, with surprise. Why should I not have that pleasure? There is the priory. He nodded to some stately ruins, and Esmeralda drove up to them and looked at them with interest.The horses went fast, London was soon left behind, and the green lanes of Surrey reached. With every mile he felt as if[178] he were leaving his pastAdabehind him, and with every mile a sense of relief was increasing. Now and again he glanced at Esmeralda. She was quite motionless and breathing regularly, and he thought of the Sleeping Beauty. A childish fancy for so grave and world-worn a man, but a sweet one. He had been the prince to call that sleeping innocent soul of hers into life and love. The thought sent the blood coursing through his veins, and filled him with a new-born sense of joy. He thought of her, not her money; of the girl, not the millionairess, whom he had married to save the great house of which he would some day be the head. He had vowed to love and cherish her; whywhy should he not love her? The magazine, stored with delightful stories and clever illustrations, remained unread.

      This young person had the honour to bring the trousseau which Monsieur had sent for Madame's inspection. Monsieur had told her how sadly inconvenienced Madame had been by the accident by which all her luggage had been left upon the quay at the moment of sailing. In truth it must have been distressing for Madame, as it had evidently been distressing for Monsieur in his profound sympathy with Madame, his wife. In the meantime she, the young person, had complied with Monsieur's orders, and had brought all that there was of the best and most delicate and refined for Madame's gracious inspection.

      She followed him and leaned her elbow on his shoulder.




      The young fellow looked at him with some little surprise; Trafford was not usually short-tempered or irritable.