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      Shorty said to himself some very hotly-disparaging things about pretentious young snips of Regular officers. They reached the canoe, and the Lieutenant calmly seated himself in the stern. This was another aggravation. If Shorty had gone out with one of his own officers, even the Colonel, he would have shown a deep interest in everything and wanted to do his share toward getting the canoe safely over. This young fellow calmly seated himself, and threw all the responsibility and work on Shorty."Let him go ahead with his mashin' flat," answered Shorty; "we're some on the mash ourselves, as you fellers found out at Stone River."

      Very well, the lady agreed. I shall have a good lunch ready when you come in.

      "If you'll allow me. Captain," said Shorty, "I've an idee. Now that we've got the trap, let's set it agin, and see if we can't ketch some more.""That is all right," said the stranger, with an air of satisfaction. "The 200th Indianny is a very good regiment. I saw them whip John Morgan's cavalry at Green River. Clumsy farmer boys, but shoot like born devils."

      Not exactly. But it came over me that at night I didnt get anywhere and I thought Id try coming in the daytimeand being that the yacht is due to make Long Island this afternoon, I thought I might need some help with a plan Ive worked out.


      "What in the world are we goin' to do?" said Si desperately. "If we let her in, she'll fill the camp full o' whisky, and she'll have to go in, unless we kin show some reason for keepin' her out. Hold on; I've got an idee."



      "Hooray for Crittenden's Corps!"Both sides ran up their respective banks, snatched up their guns, took their places behind their trees, and opened a noisy but harmless fire.